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                Helping Scientists

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                Tools for Coronavirus Research

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                Bio-Techne has an unparalleled selection of tools to help advance research on coronaviruses including SARS-CoV-2

                New Fluorescent Dyes for

                Nuclear and Cytosolic Staining

                DRAQ and CyTRAK Orange

                Far-red and orange, photostable dyes for

                live or fixed cell analysis

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                New Fluorescent Dyes for Nuclear and Cytosolic Staining

                New Stem Cell


                Need to verify stem cell pluripotency?

                Simplify your workflow with stem cell

                functional identification.

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                Simplify your workflow with stem cell functional identification. Review New Stem Cell 龙8国际pt官网 today!

                Dual ISH-IHC Antibody


                Leveraging the RNAscope? Technology to Advance a

                Multiomic Approach to Antibody Validation

                View our Dual ISH-IHC validated antibodies
                ISH-IHC validated antibodies

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                Antibody Pairs

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                New Products from Novus

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                Scientific 龙8国际pt官网

                Flow Cytometry Handbook

                Learn about flow cytometry workflow, protocols and troubleshooting tips.

                ICC Handbook

                Learn about multicolor ICC/IF’s conceptual basics, protocols and troubleshooting.

                IHC Handbook

                Learn the basics of IHC, standard protocols, plus troubleshoot technical issues.

                Derek Davies is the Flow Cytometry Science Technology Platform (STP) Training Lead at the Francis Crick Institute in London, UK where he provides expert support and training to over 300 investigators.

                Jagannath’s research focuses on the cellular mechanisms in fibrosis and foreign body rejection triggered by implantable biomaterials. Learn about his passion for biomaterials’ research, science communication and teaching.

                龙8国际pt官网 Blogs

                By Jamshed Arslan, Pharm. D., PhD.

                Coronaviruses are a family of enveloped RNA viruses. Some family members circulate in human populations, but others like severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) are transmitted from animals to humans. A new strain of coronaviruses called novel coronavirus (nCOV) or SARS-CoV-2 is also...

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